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    • ABOUT US

      About Fushen

      Fushen Group Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic garment manufacturer developed from the Fushen Garment Company established in 1990. It is the vice chairman unit of the Men's Clothing Professional Committee of the China Garment Association.

    • Business

      Group business

      In the journey of change and search, Fushen insists on developing through innovation, taking brand men's clothing as the guide, extending to diversified fields, laying out the future, and planning for a hundred years!

    • NEWS


      Huizhou-a shining pearl located in eastern Guangdong, known as the "important town in eastern Guangdong, famous county in Lingnan", gathers landscapes of sea, lakes, mountains, water, and waterfalls, and integrates the culture of the Dongjiang basin.

    • JOIN


      Huizhou-a shining pearl located in eastern Guangdong, known as the "important town in eastern Guangdong, famous county in Lingnan", gathers landscapes of sea, lakes, mountains, water, and waterfalls, and integrates the culture of the Dongjiang basin.


      Social responsibility

      Huizhou-a shining pearl located in eastern Guangdong, known as the "important town in eastern Guangdong, famous county in Lingnan", gathers landscapes of sea, lakes, mountains, water, and waterfalls, and integrates the culture of the Dongjiang basin.


      Contact Fushen

      Huizhou-a shining pearl located in eastern Guangdong, known as the "important town in eastern Guangdong, famous county in Lingnan", gathers landscapes of sea, lakes, mountains, water, and waterfalls, and integrates the culture of the Dongjiang basin.


    Group Introduction

    Fortune Group Headquarters

    Fushen Group Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic garment manufacturer developed from the Fushen Apparel Company established in 1990. It is the deputy director unit of the Men's Clothing Professional Committee of the China Garment Association. One of the first batch of garment enterprises in Guangdong Province to obtain "China Famous Brand" and "China Famous Trademark".
    Fushen Clothing has won numerous honors and awards for its excellent quality. It has been successively rated as "China's Top Ten Menswear Brands", "China's Top Ten Famous Brand Shirts", "China Famous Brand Products", "National Inspection-Free Products", and "The Most Honorary titles such as “Market Competitive Brand” and 4A-level “Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise”; won the National Sales “Golden Bridge Award” for 6 consecutive years; won the Quality Award in the Annual Apparel Awards held by the China Garment Association for many consecutive years; 2017 The company has been ranked among the top ten sales of similar products in the market for 15 consecutive years; Fushen Company has been rated as one of the top 100 companies in sales revenue and profit in the national apparel industry for 14 consecutive years; and has been ranked among the top ten best-selling brands of similar products in the national market for 17 consecutive years , Won the "Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise" for 21 consecutive years.

    Chinese famous brand

    The first batch of Guangdong Province won the "China Famous Brand",

    R & D Center

    The company established a menswear engineering technology development research center

    product quality

    Regard product quality as the life of an enterprise

    marketing network

    The company has a huge sales network and strong Marketing capabilities


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    1991 Year

    The "Fu Shen Cup" International Bridge Invitational Tournament was successfully held at the Diaoyutai Hotel in Beijing. Deng Xiaoping, Wan Li and other national leaders participated in the competition and spoke highly of the competition.

    The company has established a menswear engineering technology development and research center, and has introduced a large number of internationally advanced suit production equipment, improved process design and management technology, and built a world-class suit production line. At the same time, a group of experienced designers and craftsmen are hired to develop and design Fushen men's boutique clothing with international craftsmanship with the international trend of craftsmanship and the body characteristics of the Orientals.
    The company has established a complete modern enterprise management system and regards product quality as the life of the enterprise. It has successively obtained ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system, ISO 1400:2004 international environmental management system, and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system. Certification certificate. "Fu Shen" was recognized as "National Top Ten Brands of Excellent Clothing Quality"; was awarded "China Quality Miles Tour Honor Roll" by the Organizing Committee of China Quality Miles Tour; and was awarded "Product Quality" by "China Quality Miles Tour" , The service quality has no complaints and users are satisfied with the brand".
    The company has a huge sales network and strong marketing capabilities. Product sales cover more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and are exported to all over the world. At the same time, it has established cooperative relations with many world-famous clothing companies. In recent years, with the vigorous development of the domestic economy, Fushen's professional clothing order business has also grown rapidly, providing many large enterprises and institutions with excellent products and quality services. Private customization and e-commerce businesses have also made great progress with the development of the times.
    Fortune Gentry has entered a new milestone of development and is full of vitality. In the cross-field industrial real estate industry, Fortune Gentry has also achieved impressive results. With full confidence and enthusiasm for work, Fushen people are working hand in hand for Fushen to rise to a new peak and create greater glories.
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